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Ben Weiss
2720 Carmel Avenue (since April 12, 2012)
Clearlake, California 95422

(505) 259-5683 259-LOVE

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Over 22 years professional programming experience; 10 years consulting; 10 years retirement

Currently retired.

Central New Mexico Community College
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Associate of Applied Sciences Degree in Integrated Studies,
Certificate with highest honors in Residential Framing and Carpentry, 2010
Certificate in Residential Wiring, 2011

Computer Languages

Operating Systems

Can Hardly Remember:Win95, WinNT, Win3.1
Can Almost Remember:PalmOS, UNIX, DEC RT-11(sj) & (fb), RSTS/E, RTOS, MS-DOS 2.11, RDOS, RSX-11m & others.
Can Somewhat Remember:MacOS 7, 8 & 9 & Data General AOS and AOS/VS Classic
Current: MacOS X

Tools & Frameworks

Vague Familliarity: Cocoa Foundation & AppKit
Familiar: Resourcerer Templates, Spotlight, FaceSpan, PowerPlant and Core Foundation, Project Builder & Interface Builder Objective C on MacOS X (DP4 & beta).
Very Familiar: CodeWarrior C & C++, 4th Dimension family of products, FileMaker Pro, HyperCard

Applications programming and User Interface Design of comercial products using Metrowerks C & C++ on Macintosh MacOS 7, 8 & 9. Cocoa in Objective C on MacOS X using PB/IB. PowerPlant, HTML, SQL, AppleEvent Object Model, QuickTime Graphic Importers, Quicktime Media and Frame Grabbers, Shared Libraries for 4th Dimension Extentions, Photoshop Plugins; Code Resources

Applications programming in C and C++ using Metrowerks' PowerPlant

4th Dimension Extensions developed in C

Database Systems developed in 4th Dimension

Employment History

1/2001 - 10/2001 Print Cafe, Inc.
onsite in Chandler, Arizona
Software Engineering. MacOS 9, CodeWarrior C++, PowerPlant.

9/99 - 12/2000 Dragon Systems, Inc.
Newton, Massachusetts 02460

Engineering Project Management and Lead Developer. Applications programming in Metrowerks C++ and Apple ProjectBuilder. PowerPlant, Carbon, Cocoa.

4/99 - 8/99 IBM Speech Systems Division (561) 615-7083

1555 Palm Bech Lakes Blvd.

West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

Applications programming in Metrowerks C & C++. Wrote IPC mechanism for IBM's ViaVoice speech dictation program for Macintosh. PowerPlant, AppleScript, Apple Event Object Model support.

8/95 - 3/99 Digital Arts & Science Corporation (510) 814-7200

1301 Marina Village Parkway

Alameda, California 94501

Applications programming in Metrowerks C & C++ for Multimedia SQL Databases. My partner and I have written a MacODBC-SQL and DTF desktop multimedia database application for the Macintosh. It is fully scriptable, recordable, undoable and draggable. Wrote 4th Dimension External Packages in Metrowerks C & C++. Metrowerks PowerPlant, HTML, SQL, AppleScript, QuickTime Graphic Importers, Quicktime Media Grabbers, InternetConfig, SubWoofer

3/95 - 8/95 Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector (602) 952-3454

MD 56-128, 3102 North 56th Street

Phoenix, Arizona 85018

Design, programming, installation, support and training of a multisite networked turnkey database for creating security badges and scanning and validating them at entry/exit points at sites throughout Phoenix. Filemaker Pro on Macs and Windows with Norton Desktop Scripts and AppleScript.

12/86 - 3/97 Consulting

Macintosh application programming in Think C and C++ and Pascal and MPW Pascal and Assembler; Macintosh 4th Dimension, AppleScript and HyperCard programming, training and consulting.

7/93-10/94 Common Knowledge, Inc. (415) 325-9900

124 University Avenue, Palo Alto, California 94301

Wrote & modified code resources in Symantec Think C++ 6.01. Provided presales and postsales technical support for Arrange(TM), an object oriented database program on the Macintosh. Created user templates, performed alpha and beta testing of the application. Wrote developper documentation for TAIL language.

10/88 - 4/89 KPMG Peat Marwick Main & Company (415) 968-0300

20300 Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite 300, Cupertino, CA

HyperCard Programming, MPW Object Pascal Programming using MacApp 2.x, XCMD's & XFCN's in Pascal & MPW C.

4/87 - 7/87 Oxford and Associates, Inc. (415) 968-0300

2700 Garcia Ave, Suite 220, Mountain View, CA

On contract to: Apple Computer Company

Software Quality Assurance Division, Cupertino, CA

Performed testing & design input on MacWorkStation and developed test tools in MPW C.

11/85 - 3/87 Virtual Microsystems,Inc. (415) 841-9594

2150 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704

Responsible for development, training, customer support and software maintenance for VMI's Data General Bridge/86 system, an MS-DOS/PC-DOS compatible coprocessor system for DG MV/Eclipse minicomputers. Provided Onsite Consulting, Support, Installations and Presales support for all Data General related products. SYSTEM MANAGER of inhouse MV/4000 AOS/VS system. Programming and debugging in Data General and Microsoft C and Assemblers. Also provided customer support for DEC VAX and microVAX VMS related products and DEC PRO/350/380 P/OS related products.

10/84 - 11/85 Global Weather Dynamics, Inc. (408) 649-4500

2400 Garden Road, Monterey, CA 93940

In the Information Network Systems Division as a communications programmer, I assisted in the design and functional and operational specification generation of a meteorological information message center system to perform message switching integrated with satellite image processing and message decoding and automated message generation for the US Navy. Wrote, tested and documented changes to Intelligent Asynchronous Controller (IAC) software for various async protocols. Presented a half day seminar on AOS/VS system programming to 14 programmers and managers. Performed intensive system performance studies between MV/8000-II and MV/10,000 systems.

Also, at Global Weather Dynamics, I was SYSTEM MANAGER of a pair of networked MV/8000-II's used for development. I was also, for a few months, the communications software manager in the operations department. I was responsible for communications functioning of 2 MV/10,000's and 3 S-140's (running Xodiac). I provided oncall support in both Hardware and Software problem troubleshooting.

2/84 - 8/84 Geo-Centers, Inc. (505) 243-3483

2350 Alamo S.E., Albuquerque, NM 87106

On contract to: Sandia National Laboratories

Space Systems Division, Albuquerque, NM

Assisted in the software development and documentation for a computer based testing and validation system for TRW's Advanced REDAC II Radiation Detection System spacecraft payload. Performed systems and applications programming and software analysis including realtime assembly language applications and FORTRAN. Environment was Data General Eclipse S-130 Host Processor and S-120 preprocessor for data acquisition with 4040c general interface hardware.

10/82 - 11/83 Medicus Systems Corporation (312) 570-7500

MIS Development Division

990 Grove Street, Evanston, Ill 60201

Responsible for all product development, enhancement and systems engineering support of an online, turnkey interactive system for customizing a medical information system to specific hospitals. Also responsible for conversion of utilities from Data General RDOS FORTRAN to AOS FORTRAN. Wrote 180+ page Programmer's Reference Manual for this system. Performed systems and applications programming in FORTRAN and COBAL on C-330's, C-350's and MV/8,000 systems running AOS.

5/82 - 8/82 The Wiezmann Institute of Science

Polymer Research Department

Rehovot, Israel 76-100

Responsible for systems programming and general system software maintenance. Data communication programming for IBM 4341 system running TSO and Z-80 experiment controllers. Environment was a DEC PDP-11/44 running RSX-11m. FORTRAN 77 and MACRO-11 (Assembler).

6/80 - 12/81 Los Alamos National Laboratory (505) 667-5061

Photochemistry Division, Group AP-1

Mail Stop 566, Box 1663, Los Alamos, NM 87545

Interactive Graphics and database application programming; Environment was Data General Eclipse S-230 running AOS in FORTRAN IV & V with Tektronics 4010 & 4014 graphics devices. Summer and vacation employment totalling seven months.


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