Saturday, December 20, 2003

Due largely to my own embarrassing carelessness, all my money was stolen (by a guy I foolishly invited into my home) last night. This is not as dire as is sounds- Cleverly, I have already paid in advance for my

Sadly, I have just discovered that I am at the end of my internet time so my only access to emall besides short (>160 characters) messages via my mobile phone is available on my Palm Pilot via cellphone. This is slow (9.6 kbps) but at least it works.

This means that for the next 12 days, I cannot send or receive any file attachments (including pictures) of any kind nor can I modify any web pages on my web site nor make any other changes to the server. Sorry.

It also means I cannot take any buses or taxis, go dancing or drink tea at cafes, things which I otherwise do a lot here. Sigh. Dumb Lion.

Monday, December 15, 2003

I think I"m going to have to start a category here called, Christmas News for stuff like this and this too. :o)

Sunday, December 14, 2003

So. It looks as though Saddam Hussein has been found.

Yawn. So now the guy who snubbed the US by threatening to use Euros instead of Dollars in which to trade his OPEC oil and killed and tortured the people of Iraq is found by the fources who have taken over Iraq, killed and tortured the people of Iraq all just for some stupid oil. I'm so embarrassed to be an american right now.

Where is Usama bin Laden? Who sent the Anthrax letters to all those Democrats? When do we get our civil liberties back? What happened to all the money Enron stole from the State of California? What happened to the trade surplus the United States had when Clinton left office??

It looks like Fritz agrees with me on this.

Now this is much more of the kind of news I like to read.

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