Fri - October 17, 2003

iBlog doesn't really work

Alas, I have not been updating because every time I make a single entry, I must re-upload the entire blog. This takes so long that it is not worth doing. There is a feature in the iBlog program which is supposed to make it only upload new information or changed information, but it doesn't work for me. :(

I'll try and figure out something else to use.

In the meanwhile, Look to the travel log for recent updates. Also, I'll try to start putting together a single page from which you can go to any of the photo galleries.

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Sat - September 27, 2003

Why am I not updating this page very often?

I've just gotten a new version of the iblog program which seems to handle my server much more reliably. But as I experiment, I find that it still fails to upload pages to my server based on just the changed data, like it is supposed to. So I still have to build all the pages locally and upload them all at once, which is very time and bandwidth consuming, which is why you don't see these pages updated very often.

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Thu - September 11, 2003

Long time, no post..

My internet connection has been very bad. The apartment in which I am now living shares its phone line with the neighbor. :o( So I get bumped off every few minutes and it makes it impossible to upload picture libraries. So I have gone today to the office of my Internet Service Provider here in Kherson to use their connection today. So here are a few pictures recently taken of my new apartment and a trip to the water park (beach).

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Fri - August 15, 2003

Map of my travels

As requested, I have created whereIvebeen.html">a page showing maps of where I've been and where I am. Eventually, I will try to populate it also with links to the various libraries of pictures.

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Sun - August 10, 2003


I have a new cellular phone here in Ukraine. The number is +380 678-101-654. To direct dial from the USA, enter 011-380-678-101-654. You can also">email my phone directly with small messages to which I can respond wherever I am. Isn't GSM cool?

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Kherson, Ukraine

Sorry it has taken so long to get these up. Here are a few pictures of Kherson, Ukraine. This is the town I've been living in all month.

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Shaved .. the pictures!

At last, I can show you a few pictures of me now that I have removed my beard. I still look kinda funny, but not as bad as I thought I would. Whaddya think?

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Hanging out with young girls

Anya and Yana are a pair of 18 year old girls with whom I've been hanging out lately. It's nice to have friendly pretty people with whom to have fun. Emotions run pretty light.

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Thu - August 7, 2003


Last night, on a lark, notwithstanding considerable influence on the part of two all-too-young laides with whose affections I'm none-the-less becoming recently less enamoured -thank goddess- I shaved off my beard. I guess all my chins weren't so bad after all. Pictures forthcoming...

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Sat - August 2, 2003

A lovely day at the Beach

So my translator, Victoria (short blond hair) invited me to come along with her and her friends (Olga on the right and Angela on the left) to the Black Sea to the beach for a day. We left Friday night and drove 1-1/2 hours in Angela's nice Suzuki sedan to a cafe where Victoria has friends and they helped us find a place to stay the night and we went out to the beach for the evening. Lots of Amusement park-like stuff; bars, cafes, restaurants, rides and every manner of food and drink and music. Quite a party.

In the morning, we had breakfast and spent the day at the beach proper, swimming and sunning. We left at 4ish. There was a great water slide and lots of small rentable boats and tons and tons of friendly people. Sorry - didn't take the camera to the beach except for a brief visit early in the morning before breakfast. Here is a larger picture and here are the pictures from the trip.

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