Thu - August 7, 2003


Last night, on a lark, notwithstanding considerable influence on the part of two all-too-young laides with whose affections I'm none-the-less becoming recently less enamoured -thank goddess- I shaved off my beard. I guess all my chins weren't so bad after all. Pictures forthcoming...

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Thu - June 19, 2003

A visit to the Cathedral

Although when I got to the church, I was not permitted to take pictures inside. Sigh. Oh, well. It seemed like there was a lot of cool stuff in there... :o( At least I managed to take a single picture inside as well as climb the tower to look around.

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Thu - June 12, 2003

It is HOT here

Well, I've been in Budapest for a week now, and I gotta tell ya, it is HOT. It has been 104 degrees and very humid every day. I had such a great time on that walk earlier in the week that I over extended myself and had heat sickness for a couple days. I didn't do much but sleep and eat and read stories on the internet. But I got past all that this morning. I went around and checked out three different hostels today. They were all nice in their own ways, but the one I like is off in a quiet neighobrhood, somewhat outside of the hussle and bussle of the city and it has actual showers with the nozel mounted on the wall, not held in the hand. This is imparative for washing my hair. ;) Also, there was a nice dude staying there from New Mexico wtih whom I breifly chatted; a former math student. The rock and roll was a bit ruckus, but it was the day time. (I hope!) So I guess I'll go to the hostel tomorrow, assuming they've got space of course.

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Tue - May 13, 2003

Hard to keep to a diet here

Sprinkled throughout the pictures of Barcelona you will find a few images of the delectables herein available. Very hard to remain diet-motivated.

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Wed - April 16, 2003

Went dancing!

Dance Freedom in Cambridge is usually a cosy place, but it also reminded me of some bad memories. I was once volunteering to take stuff down and I and another guy were holding something heavy and the other guy moved it in such a way as to soundly bonk a nearby woman in the head as she sat on the floor. I could see, but I didn't yell to him in time. He should have been paying more attention and I should have been more bossy. Since I am blind and he is not, however, I was erroneously blamed and told never to volunteer there again. It made me very angry --- especially since the guy who actually did it knows he did it and never said a word. What a dickhead! So now I remember why I don't like to go to that dance so much any more. I thought I was over feeling angry, but I guess I still need more time. There's nothing like being falsely accused of what I most fear anyway to really upset me.

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Sun - February 23, 2003

I went for a good long walk today

I went to the top of Nine Mile Hill. I have been told that it is called that because it is supposed to be 9 miles from Atrisco Road and the Rio Grande, but my GPS receiver tells me that it was only 6. Perhaps if I had continued another 3 miles I would have seen yet another hill, further up. I don't know, but I don't think so. Perhaps on my next trip up there I'll take more pictures or travel further west.

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Thu - February 20, 2003

Healthy Salads at the <a href="">20 Carrots Cafe</a>.

So my favorite place to eat is the 20 Carrots Cafe. There are great green salads, sunny-seed burgers (vegetarian) and other groovy foods.

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Thu - February 13, 2003

Wow! I made breakfast!

Today I actually cooked a couple leggs and ate them on some toast with cheese. Even cleaned up and put the dishes in soapy water. Wonders never cease! (rounded off the meal with an apple & some milk).

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Sun - January 26, 2003

New eating regeme

Having spent much of the month of January sitting at home reading Harry Potter Fan Fiction (like this or this) I've actually been pretty good about eating only from the kitchen (as opposed to eating out at places like McD's or the $1.25 chinese place).

Although my microwave oven is still in storage in Phoenix with the rest of my belongings, I've been buying and eating meals consisting almost exclusively of: cheese, apples, bananas, bread and butter and sometimes, milk or summer sausage. I've also purchased a couple cases of Trinity water. and been going through at least 1-1/2 liters per day. I've been somewhat avoiding socializing, though. But on the up side, my NSA practicioner says I'm doing really well. I guess I'm in a little bit of a "Dark Night of the Soul" kinda mod.

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Thu - January 16, 2003

Walked 12 miles today

Went up to the Rio 24 movie theatre. But there wasn't anything interesting. A couple days ago, I walked up there and saw Evelyn. It was nice, but not as good as I'd hoped. Sweet, though.

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Wed - January 15, 2003

Finally went swing dancing last night

Pretty crowded, too. Nice folk. Lots of college girls. Or maybe they were high school girls - how would I know the difference, anyway? They were mostly pretty accepting though; especially the older ones. But it was so crowded, that I only danced for 20 minutes or so after the class. then I felt too much social anxiety and went home. Oh, well -- A good start, anyway.

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Tue - January 14, 2003

Discovery of Swing Dancing in Albuquerque!

It is a large, informal group. There's lessons at 7:45pm. Then dancing until 11ish. The group is huge. there must have been a hundred people. Quite a few college students. A few more women than men, however the class barely had enough women. The teacher found a couple of young college girls who were going to dance with eachother and convinced them to dance instead with myself and the last remaining unattached man besides me.

It was fun. But I haven't danced in a while and -even though I walked 12ish miles today (up to the RIO 24 movie theatre and back) I was out of practice and felt quite self-conseise. (How do you spell that, anyway?).

I was going to have an entrainment today, but didn't get back in time. Had to wait around this afternoon for my grocery delivery from the Coop. Got 2 cases of Trinity water & a couple bottles of shampoo & conditioner. Nature's Gate "Keritin" flavor. Mmm..

I've been indoors a lot for the past two weeks reading Harry potter fan fiction. It's very helpful. There are several popular motifs which bring me to tears regularly. See the Lovers and Friends section for details.

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