Budapest for a week

I have indeed had a great night's sleep, although I still feel a little bad that my roomates had to take such drastic action. At least I was able to pay them for the money they spent on this place. They grudgingly accepted it. I am sad that they're gone, but I guess we each must learn whatever is for us to learn.

My lesson: No more late night dinners for me -- especially not with cheese sauce! I had lunch at that same restraunt today. Great food! about $9. (1350 Florens) eneough to hold me until tomorrow with lots of water.

I told the landlady, Piroshka. We talked. I will stay in one of the smaller rooms in this flat for a week for 189 Euros. That's about $30 per day or so). I could only do better at a hostel, with roomates. And then I'd be worried about my stuff. This is a good deal.

So now, I'm off to post all this stuff an an internet place I found yesterady during the walking tour (3500 florens)

Posted: Sun - June 8, 2003 at 02:05