in Budapest

The flat was a huge room with a private bath in an apartment with three other such rooms (although only one other of which had its own bath) and an nice kitchen and dining area. We ate a late dinner (my bad) and in the morning my roomates informed me that I snored and kept them all awake for the past TWO nights. So I left (and felt great, albeit somewhat guilty) and took the walking tour and checked on other places to stay. They slept in.

The walking tour was a blast. It lasted all afternoon and by the end, I knew where I could find a woman who hooked up travelers with apartments. She only had one in my price range and the lady was very nice although neither of us could understand a word the other spoke and her apartment was amazing, but alas, the bathroom had no shower curtain. She wanted me to use the tub; I pantomimed that I wanted to wash my hair; she pantomimed that it would get water all over the floor. I asked if she had more towels. Alas, it wasn't to be. I went back to my flat to ask my flatemates if they'd be willing to try one more night (there were spaces available in the dorm at the hostel the next night) but they were not enthused. On the contrary, they went out to dinner and returned less than an hour later informing me that they had found a hotel room and they were moving out immediately and I could have this place all to myself. Well, I paid them what they had spent here and not used and watched them go sadly.

Posted: Fri - June 6, 2003 at 01:59