Fri - October 17, 2003

iBlog doesn't really work

Alas, I have not been updating because every time I make a single entry, I must re-upload the entire blog. This takes so long that it is not worth doing. There is a feature in the iBlog program which is supposed to make it only upload new information or changed information, but it doesn't work for me. :(

I'll try and figure out something else to use.

In the meanwhile, Look to the travel log for recent updates. Also, I'll try to start putting together a single page from which you can go to any of the photo galleries.

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Sat - September 27, 2003

Why am I not updating this page very often?

I've just gotten a new version of the iblog program which seems to handle my server much more reliably. But as I experiment, I find that it still fails to upload pages to my server based on just the changed data, like it is supposed to. So I still have to build all the pages locally and upload them all at once, which is very time and bandwidth consuming, which is why you don't see these pages updated very often.

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Thu - September 11, 2003

Long time, no post..

My internet connection has been very bad. The apartment in which I am now living shares its phone line with the neighbor. :o( So I get bumped off every few minutes and it makes it impossible to upload picture libraries. So I have gone today to the office of my Internet Service Provider here in Kherson to use their connection today. So here are a few pictures recently taken of my new apartment and a trip to the water park (beach).

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Thu - June 19, 2003

More pictures up!

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Mon - June 9, 2003

Okay! I finally have pictures up!

So Here at last are all the pictures I took in Paris, France and here are the pictures I took on my trip from Paris to Budapest via Venice. And here are a few of the pictures I've taken here in Budapest over the past few days. Enjoy!

Let me know which format you like better. Notice that below each full picture (which are now smaller, as requested) you can click on a link to take you to the FULL ORIGINAL IMAGE at original size. There are a few pictures worth seeing this way. I especially was pleased with how my Eifel Tower pictures came out. (Scroll down to see them) What do you think?

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Wed - May 21, 2003

A couple more early QTVRs

I'm still not very good at these yet. I've uploaded two more of the Quicktime VR panoramas of those I've made so far These two are from the Golden Princess. I've also made another here in Barcelona, but so far, it is way too big to post. I'll have to work on it some more.

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Tue - May 13, 2003

A few more pictures of Barcelona this week.

Well, I've been here a week. Today, I've updated the library of pictures of Barcelona with a few new ones, plus I've spent some time actually labeling them so we can tell which one is which. Hopefully, as time goes on, I'll get even better at this. Lemme know which ones you like and which ones I should leave out next time.

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Sat - April 19, 2003

First QTVR!

My awesome new camera can make Quicktime VR panoramas! Here is the first one. You'll need the right plugin from Apple to see it and it'll take a while to download (5.3 MB). Maybe if I take a light tripod with me I could take some more and get better at it. Is this cool??!! I LOVE IT!

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Fri - April 18, 2003

New Camera

Today, I received a wonderful new gift! My friend Lori has sent me an awesome new camera so I can show you all some of the places I go on my trip. Here, for instance, is the beautiful home of my friends Robin and Jim (and their two children). Robin's mother and her husband as well as Robin's father also live here. Robin often DJs for Dance Friday. She walks dogs for a living here in Beautiful Newtonville, Massachusetts.

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Wed - January 15, 2003

Still learning how to use iBlog

Okay. So now I've got to either reorganize to different blogs (perhaps a good idea) instead of a categories or make category icons or something. Hmm...

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Still trying to get iBlog working properly..

Having lots of troubles with the settings. But slowly, it's coming together..

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Tue - January 14, 2003

Trying out iBlog beta4

Came across a recent update to iBlog this morning. If you recall, that is the program that sits on my desktop so I can comfortably write entries every day in this web log. That way, perhaps I'll end up actually keeping a journal for once. And if I'm really good I can make it so my friends can read (and search ) it, too.

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Mon - December 23, 2002

A Blog is born

So this morning, I downloaded iblog. I want to see if it helps to motivate me to actually write something for you -my hopefully-soon-to-be-loyal readers. ;o)

In particualr, I am regularly frustrated by the degree to which my eyesight prevents me from enjoying reading, studying or programming. But ttoday it occurred to me that just because I cannot use my eyes, it does not mean I cannot use my fingers. Thus, you will likely see a lot of editing and typographical mistakes here, as I am not looking while I write. This makes it a lot easier to write. ;o).

The software is extremely easy to use -I hope to be able to highly recommend it to you, after I've verified that it actually does something regularly.

I used to try to maintain a "what's new" page; let's see if I can dump some of the entries from there into here?

Well, enough for now. Let's try'n post, shall we?

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