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Aspirations for the future; or what I wanna be when I grow up.

I aspire to grow up to become
a happy well adjusted joy-filled child
    playing every day in the sun
    merrily walking through forests and flowers
    splashing in streams and rivers and lakes
    swiming in the sea
    climbing trees
    singing and dancing and laughing
with my one special playmate;
my friend, companion, sister-lover, partrner; wife.

She and I will spend each day
    in the backyard of the world
    doing all the things that healthy happy children do
        to play
we will walk and talk and sing together
    dance to music, both heard and unheard
    walk through forests and over mountains
    lay by the sea
    and drink cola
        from tall glasses with silly umbrellas

We will quest for:
    the best water-slide;
    the greatest hourseback ride;
    the coolest mountain side;
    the warmest ocean tide;
    the breeziest bicycle ride;
We will have to try them all.

At night,
We'll go home
(wherever that happens to be)
and make love
    and drink the bliss of eachother's caresses
    snuggling against the day's excesses
    in the warm folds of eachother's embraces

But sometimes...

Since the world has more people in it than just us two
we will also be loving members of a community
singing and dancing
friendly and warm
open and loving
responsible and strong.
People will learn love through our company
Because we can not only tell eachother
any truth
but we can also each hear
any truth
that the other can possibly say
    without loosing love
    without loosing comfort
        in eachother's arms

And yet
As a few of the other people in the world
    are not happy well-adusted children
we will live securely against danger
We will have a house with doors that lock
    and windows that close against the chill
We will not be wealthy
    -for wealth attracts those who are hungry for it-
But we will always have
    enough food
    enough warmth
    enough privacy
    enough shelter
        against cold winds
        against cold hearts